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 Distance Learning

Types of Instructional Media

  • Audio and Video Conferencing
    Audio and Video Conferencing Audio conferencing is a learning environment in which students and instructor can communicate in real time. Because participants can only hear each other and aren't able...
  • Audiographics
    Audiographics Audiographics is one of several ways in which instructional media can be delivered to students who participate in distance learning. Audiographics is actually a combination of two...
  • Correspondence
    Correspondence In the world of distance learning the instructional media labeled 'correspondence' refers to any material given to students that is in a printed format. Correspondence is most...
  • Instructional Television
    Instructional Television If you've ever watched an educational program on a public broadcasting channel, local cable channel, satellite TV or other telecommunications channel administered by the FCC...
  • Overview of the Different Types of Instructional Media
    Overview of the Different Types of Instructional Media The earliest form of distance learning emerged over 120 years ago, in 1883. At that time the Internet did not exist. For the first 60+ years,...
  • Recorded Audio and Video
    Recorded Audio and Video Recorded audio and recorded video is information that has been recorded onto some type of media. Both are frequently used in distance learning. In the case of instructional...
  • Satellite e-Learning
    Satellite e-Learning The ability to transmit an actual classroom lesson to remote locations is what satellite e-learning is all about. The remote classroom can be either an individual's desktop...



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